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API Reciprocity

As we move more of our personal and business lives into the clouds, we require more automation of tasks that keep our disparate worlds connected.

We don't just needs the individual silos we've put information into to be synced--we need the transfer or information and resources automated.

When a competitor updates their partner page, we need it saved in Evernote. When our blog is updated we need it synced to Blogger or Tumblr.

API automation allows for the flow of information between the common platforms we depend on for our daily operations. Many of these common platforms have RSS and APIs allowing a new breed of reciprocity platforms to emerge.

In this section i will be tracking news and companies that are doing interesting things around API automation and interoperability, while also sharing blog analysis I provide on reciprocity platforms and approaches.


What I Have Been Calling API Trends, Are Slowly Being Baked Into API Operations

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In my monitoring of the API space, when I started seeing a large number of blog posts, tweets, companies, and other elements I track on get tagged with the same tag over and over, I take notice. My blogging, CRM, and news curation system all have their own tag cloud interface for the week, showing which tags have been applied--so if a tag gets heavy usage, I know it. Over the last couple of years, I've spun up new research into other areas within the world of APIs, beyond my core design, deployment, management, evangelism, discovery, and integration research. more.

Providing Users With Reciprocity Tools So Important Intuit Purchases itDuzzit

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One of the interoperability, automation, and reciprocity providers I track on itDuzzit has been acquired by the accounting platform Intuit. Usually acquisitions are just news, and not worthy of analysis here on API Evangelist, but I feel the itDuzzit acquisition is a significant sign when it comes to API providers, consumers, and reciprocity providers. I’ve been seeing more API providers offer IFTTT or Zapier integration as a default option, in their own developer hubs. I think the Intuit acquisition of itDuzzit reflects this evolution in how APIs are deployed, and consumed, something that has been pushed forward by this more.

Integrating Mule ESB with .NET Based Rules Engines

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The recent release of the Anypoint Connector for.NET opens up many opportunities for plugging into.NET based rules engines. Since the.NET Connector allows developers to call out to native. more.