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API Reciprocity

As we move more of our personal and business lives into the clouds, we require more automation of tasks that keep our disparate worlds connected.

We don't just needs the individual silos we've put information into to be synced--we need the transfer or information and resources automated.

When a competitor updates their partner page, we need it saved in Evernote. When our blog is updated we need it synced to Blogger or Tumblr.

API automation allows for the flow of information between the common platforms we depend on for our daily operations. Many of these common platforms have RSS and APIs allowing a new breed of reciprocity platforms to emerge.

In this section i will be tracking news and companies that are doing interesting things around API automation and interoperability, while also sharing blog analysis I provide on reciprocity platforms and approaches.


GoodData Adds Predictive Features to Analytics Engine and Launches New SDKs

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Business intelligence platform GoodData is preparing for its next wave of rapid growth, releasing new capabilities and SDKs for both customers and third-party "white label" developers. The new releases coincide with new funding and executive hires, all of which suggest GoodData is a key dashboard and data analytics product to watch heading into 2015. ProgrammableWeb spoke with Cory Vander Jagt, director of product marketing at GoodData, about the new features. GoodData is a business intelligence platform that allows end customers to collate, store, analyze and visualize a wide variety of private and SaaS-based data sources. The platform also works more.

How to Build an ETL Pipeline for ElasticSearch Using Segment and

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ETL is a common pattern in the big data world for collecting and consolidating data for storage and/or analysis.While it may seem unnecessary to follow this many steps as the tools around Hadoop continue to evolve, forming a cohesive pipeline is still the most reliable way to handle the sheer volume of data.The extract process deals with the different systems and formats, the transform process allows you to break up the work and run tasks in parallel, and the load process ensures delivery is successful.Given the challenges and potential points of failure that could happen in any one of more.

A Simpler and More Intelligent Internet of Things with Digi and Temboo

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Today we have a guest post from Digi International about programming Digi hardware with Temboo.You can find the original post on their blog: The ongoing drought in the western United States underscores the importance of maintaining and conserving a reliable supply of fresh water—whether for drinking, irrigation, fire control, or manufacturing, reliable water storage is essential.Of course, half the battle in maintaining a water supply is managing it: once a tank system has been installed and filled, water must be properly distributed when it is needed and retained when it is not.If tanks are remote and many are spread more.